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Re: Carburetor: Sand in idle circuit (Weber 44 IDF-duals)

Posted By: twotrackermike <>
Date: Monday, 26 July 2004, at 4:55 p.m.

: I am constantly getting sand in my idle circuits! I run sand socks
: and have choke block off plates - any other ideas? My
: aircleaners are flush with the carb housing too....

: I can cure it relatively easily back at camp by putting air
: pressure to the hole (with engine running) after removing the
: idle jet. As soon as I hit the plugged one it smooths out
: nicely. It just doesn't seem like I hear as many other buggies
: with this problem as OFTEN as I am having it. (as in as soon as
: I do another power slide.)

: Help!?

: DV8

I have had this problem as well. Nothing is more frustrating then having to clean out the idle jets once every hour. I started carrying around a small flexible tube that fits in the idle jet hole. I'd take out the jet, blow through that, then insert the tube into your idle jet hole and blow through that. Your lungs will work just need to run back to camp. Also, you don't need to be running your engine while doing this.

I have yet to solve this problem entirely. This is a very common problem....maybe not talked about alot hear, but I have found this problem on other web sites. I have done a lot of research to find the cure. It is most certainly either the fuel filter or air filter.
When I was having this problem, I was running a single IDF 44 with relatively small filter. I tried a prefilter, but that did not have an effect. I siliconed sealed the mateing surfaces of the carb and intake and that did not work. I tried greasing the rubber surfaces of the avail. If sand was getting throught the air filter, then I surmise the filter was too small, causing the velocity to be to high through the filter...but due to height restrictions in my engine compartment, I never tried a bigger air filter.
I have heard that cheap fuel filters will let very small debris by (like sand or rust) from your gas tank...small enough to get throught the fuel filter but large enough to plug the idle jet circuit. That may be were your garbage is coming from. Soooo...I now have a new German Fuel filter I will be trying out when my buggy is completed this week. I made a new gas tank this year out of steel and decided to coat the inside with Fuel Tank Sealer ( If you have an aluminum gas tank, then I suppose rust ain't the problem.
My problem was so persistent, dispite all my attempts to resolve it, I wondered if water (water tension) was plugging the jets....very doubtful.

Anyways, to make a long story longer...
I have a new buggy 99% complete. Should be ready in the next few days. To resolve clogged weber idle jet syndrom, I now have Duel Weber 44IDF's, each with larger air filters, each with prefilters, lots of Air Filter oil, silicone sealed mateing surfaces, German Fuel Filter, Fuel tank Sealer, pennies down the well, wishes on the first star every evening, prayers. If my idle jets still clog up this year, I will just have give up and try the 12 guage treatment....and then upgrade to fuel injection.

Best of luck!

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