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Re: Frame: Who makes the best Woods buggy frame? *PIC*

Posted By: Roy <>
Date: Wednesday, 2 April 2003, at 5:05 a.m.

: Hey ppl

: I have been looking into building a rail type buggy for some time
: now..each day that goes by i want to buy a frame a little bit
: more :)

: i have looked at MANY frames, bug pack..bee line..all the ones at
: drews off road and basicly every mag add i can get my hands on
: but i still cant tell who makes the best suited frame for my
: needs..

: i live in Vancouver BC, Canada, so its lots of
: much sand :)

: is there one frame out on the market that is considerably better
: build then another? i am looking for a smaller 2 be
: used with my 3x3 arms and a 6" wide beam and a 2010cc
: motor..

: let me know what you think :)

: thanx
: Cale

Hey Cale,

Who makes the best woods buggy frame? YOU DO!!

Like GRDBO said, frames are frames. You must beef them up to suit your needs. For hardcore woods running, the Bee-Line is the way to go. If you don't want to add your own bracing , you can order it with all that already installed. He offers a whole page of options.
I elected to get the basic one and install my own bracing. This way I could taylor it to MY needs.

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