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Buggying 101 for the Beginner: Plans, Parts, Books, Used Buggies

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Date: 1/26/01

How to get started in Dune Buggies

How to get started in Dune Buggies:

As with any new endeavor, there's going to be a learning curve involved before you reach the point where you know that you don't know. Keep in mind that the information in this FAQ is meant to be a very general guide and should not replace the other valuable resources mentioned elsewhere.


1: Read This FAQ

Start out by reading through at least the beginner sections of the FAQ so you have a general idea of what's involved and what do do next.


2: Order Some Books

Go to the bookstore here and order the books  "Baja Bugs and Buggies" and "How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive".  I would consider them a must for anyone who wants to own an off-road buggy.  "Baja Bugs" is of course aimed at off-road vehicles, however you will still find some useful information in it for street buggies. The Book Titled "Metal Fabricators Handbook" is also an excellent book regarding metalworking.

Read the descriptions to make your decision. "How to Build a Dune Buggy" has some nice pictures in it, but also has some serious flaws and should not be used as a guide-book. I would borrow that one from the Library and plan to keep the others on your bookshelf for reference.


3: Look around and "Lurk"

There's a lot of info here and a lot of expertise in the various forums.  Spend some time looking around and reading. When you visit the forums it's generally considered appropriate to sit back and watch the discussions before you post so you get a feel for how things work.  Make use of the various search engines. In many cases, the questions you have may have already been asked and answered.


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